Cock’s & Cows – your local burger restaurant Aarhus

If you love cocktails and burgers, Cock's & Cows is the place for you!

Enjoy a juicy burger with a delicious cocktail right next to “Åen” at Åboulevarden 9 in the city of smiles - and round it all off with a game of petanque.

Sit back and relax as the kitchen creates everything from burgers and salads to snacks and lucky French fries. We keep the music going so you can keep your feet up while eating. End your meal with a sacrifice to your sweet tooth and find a new favorite each time on our dessert menu. You deserve it. Because Cock's & Cows is your local burger restaurant Aarhus.

Want a burger in Aarhus - but in a completely different location? Fear not! We also offer take away at the restaurant in Aarhus. Drop by and pick up your burger of choice, and enjoy it at home, along “Åen” or somewhere else in the city of smiles.

At Cock's & Cows Aarhus you can also have your own party! The possibilities are almost endless - "It's Our Place, but Your Party!" And you can have up to 17 guests in our Party Room - or take over the entire restaurant including the terrace for a night out! Enjoy al fresco cocktails with your friends - we have room for 100 people.

Cocktail and burger Aarhus – in one place

Of course, burgers and cocktails are as inextricably linked as smiles and Aarhus. That's why we've put together the best burgers and coolest cocktails under one roof. In the kitchen, our burger chefs are ready to flip the juicy meat on the grill while our bartenders shake cocktails and mix drinks behind the bar. If you are at ease, we also have starters and salads. Whether you are into a burger or veggie sticks and water.

The ingredients are always fresh and sustainable, the patties are made from Danish cattle, and the vegetables are 100% organically grown at Aarstiderne. And the buns are as soft as they should be - whether you're into Cock's & Cow's signature bun, our sweet American variant, or our whole grain or gluten-free buns.

Explore the burger menu and indulge your cravings with Cock's & Cows classics like The Governator, Zé Brazil or Cheese 'n' Smoke. Warm-up with a cup of latte as the cold bites into the main city of Jylland. Or enjoy an icy cocktail on the hot days when the sun is shining its rays in Aarhus.

We are here for you all year long - when you are cocktail-thirsty or hungry for a burger in Aarhus. We look forward to welcoming you to our burger restaurant Aarhus.

Book a table in our burger restaurant in Aarhus

Book a table if you want to drop by for a burger in Aarhus - or drop in during your stroll along “Åen” and enjoy a cold cocktail.

If you want Cock's & Cows to host your next party, contact us and let us know your wishes.

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