Cocks & Cows CPH Airport
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Cock’s & Cows – burger restaurant Kastrup Lufthavn

Do you have wanderlust, and do you love cocktails and burgers? Then Cock's & Cow's burger restaurant Kastrup Lufthavn is the place for you.

With the location in Terminal 2, we are a perfect match for those who are passionate about travelling – whether you are a meat-connoisseur, vegan, vegetarian or just in the mood for a cocktail. The Cock's & Cows menu at the airport offers everything from juicy burgers, over fresh salads to a wide range of exotic drinks and cocktails that will definitely match your travel destination.

Stop by and hang out in the familiar Cock's & Cows atmosphere - with friendly service, unique interiors and a young and international vibe that perfectly matches the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the airport. And of course, we keep the music running so you can stay high-flying and  get the blood flowing in your legs and feet after the long flight.

Get down to earth with a burger – or keep going with a cocktail

Our cocktails are being handed over the bar at a high pace, and the burgers are so delicious you almost hope your flight will be delayed, so you have time to get one more. You are guaranteed a safe flight and a smooth landing when you visit Cocks & Cows Airport.

Put together your own breakfast plate, grab a morning burger with poached eggs, try our vegan toast or choose a Cock’s & Cows classic from the menu. There’s no “stop” to a stopover with us when we serve a beer or a cocktail for those who aren’t very excited for flying.

Kickstart the holiday mood with an Elke Summer, even before boarding the plane heading for warmer habitats. Board The New Yorker - complete with sliced chili and garlic marinated steak - before the plane for JFK. Or pretend you've already landed in our delicious lounge area.

Did you get delayed in security because someone forgot a soda in their bag? Relax. We're also offering takeaway. If you order at the restaurant, we'll have your order ready for the beginning of your holiday, before you can say ”this is your pilot eating…”

We're your burger restaurant at Kastrup Airport and we're here for you - whether you need to land and ground yourself with a solid burger or if you want to be sent off and keep flying with a cool cocktail.

International atmosphere - local produce

The burger is almost as American as anything can be. And you hardly find a more international atmosphere in Denmark than you do at the airport.

Our ingredients, on the other hand, are Danish - and ecology and sustainability are always at the center. If you visit Cock's & Cows at the airport, you can be sure that the 180-gram beef patty in the burger comes from 100% Danish free-range cattle - and that the vegetables between the soft buns are 100% organically grown by Aarstiderne.

Drop by and settle for the hard landing with a well-deserved cocktail or well-cooked burger.

See you at Cock's & Cows - your cocktail bar and burger restaurant in Kastrup Lufthavn.

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