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Cock’s & Cows – your burger restaurant Østerbro

If you love cocktails and burgers, then Cock's & Cows is the place for you.

This intimate and cozy burger restaurant on Rosenvængets Alle has been just around the corner from the Trianglen since 2015. Cock's & Cows welcomes you with a happy mood from the moment you set foot in the restaurant. Take a seat at the bar and enjoy the atmosphere of a bygone era that throws you back to a speakeasy in America's 1920s, or grab a table and soak up the atmosphere while you and your friends enjoy burgers and cocktails in style.

Sit back and relax as the kitchen takes care of everything from burgers and salads to snacks and lucky french fries. We make sure to keep the music running so you have something to tilt your feet to while you eat. End your meal with a sacrifice to your sweet tooth and find a new favorite each time on our dessert menu. You deserve it. As your local burger restaurant Østerbro, we have thought of it all.

If you want to enjoy our burgers at home, then don't worry. We also offer take away at Østerbro.

Burger Østerbro – enjoy the local atmosphere at Cock’s & Cows

Many people connect Østerbro AKA the Spelt-belt with Cafe Latté and prams. And it's probably neither spelled, café latte nor strollers that pop up in your head when you think of a burger restaurant.

But Cock's & Cows is not just a burger restaurant in Østerbro. Here, the menu offers everything from exotic cocktails and specialty beers to classic, juicy burgers with buns of your choice.

You decide whether the 180-gram beef patty with 100% Danish free-range beef should be embraced by our very own signature bun or the well-known sweet American version with sesame seeds - or you prefer the more "local" versions with whole grains or gluten. When you have a burger at Østerbro, your culinary desires is at the center.

And of course, you can also enjoy a creamy café latte - just as you can probably find space for the stroller outside in front of our cozy restaurant at Rosenvængets Allé 6.

As your local burger restaurant in Østerbro, we keep the door and the kitchen open for you - whether you're into spelled and latte, or you prefer a menu with a little more beef patty and bite. Drop bythe way home from a football game in Parken - or on the road to a concert at the same place. Or sip a cocktail on the sidewalk terrace as the sun casts its rays over Østerbro's ridge.

Cock's & Cows offers local atmosphere right in the heart of Østerbro. See the menu here, or drop into the restaurant and be inspired. We look forward to welcoming you for cocktails and burgers at Østerbro.

Book a table for burger at Østerbro

Want a burger at Østerbro? Or are you considering booking our rooms for your very own cocktail and burger-themed party?

Book a table or contact us to hear more about what we can offer at Cock's and Cows Østerbro.

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