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Good Burgers are Good Company! And now our burgers are even better! We’ve entered a co-lab with Aarstiderne and are proud to say that all the veggies in our burgers are now 100 % organic. Why? The short answer is:  better taste and better conscience.

The best Cock’s & Cows burgers to date!

Maybe we’re just overexcited, but it’s a fact that organic farmers let the veggies grow at a natural pace, meaning less water content and more taste for you guys! 🙂

During 2016 we were on a hunt for the ideal French fry potato – and with the help from Aarstiderne we finally found it!

We simply love the new potatoes – they taste great and have names we wouldn’t mind naming our kids 😉 Please welcome Carolos, Salome and Inova to the Cock’s & Cows family. They originate from Denmark and Sweden – and of course prepared and seasoned the usual Cock’s & Cows-way. So no worries, you still have the choice between salt, chili or vinegar.

It took a year to find the perfect potato for our new organic fries. Crafting the best organic burger bun recipe hasn’t been much faster – and no we are not lazy, just thorough. Butt the buns are now ready for your mouth. In a close collaboration with the organic craftsmen at Jalm&B, our head chef Irene Mai Vos has made four new organic burger buns; Classic Sesame, Sweet American, Whole Grain and Vegan. A gluten-free option is also in the making. All five of them will have your taste buds turnt up.




Yet another Co-Lab and yet another step on our ‘green’-journey.

The Cock’s is for ’Cocktails’! It’s not only our burgers that are getting an organic makeover – also our signature cocktails are now part of our Good Company initiative. We have entered a co-lab with Frankly Juice, fruit architects of honest organic juices.

So please swing by one of our restaurants and try one of our new cocktails with organic juice or just have a Frankly Juice as it is – it’s cold pressed fruit and/or veggies, and nothing else.


 Cock’s & Cows Young Stars!

We’re excited and proud to announce our new initiative called ’Cock’s & Cows Young Stars’, where Cock’s & Cows sponsor upcoming talents. Young Stars is our way of showing the youth that we support them. We always strive to be GOOD COMPANY 

Say hello to Louie!

Our first Young Star is Louie, a 13-year-old go-kart race driver. In 2016, Louie has accomplished a top-3 position in all his race series!

Louie’s favorite menu is the Cheese’n’Smoke with twister fries and a milkshake for dessert. But sometimes he just goes for the Steak Salad, ’cause the lighter he is, the faster he goes!




At Cock’s & Cows we would rather be part of the solution than part of the problem. That is why we’re always looking at ways to improve – in respect to the environment, our common resources, the business and most importantly, your Cock’s & Cows experience. That’s why our beef and pork are from Free Range farms.

From the Classic Cow to the extravagant The Governator – our beef patty is made from free range meat. Our beef patty has always been 180 grams of 100 % Danish beef – and it still is. But from 2016 we’ve stepped up our game. Hopefully you can taste the difference! And yes our beef pattys is recommended by ’Dyrenes Beskyttelse’.

Cock’s & Cows are in collaboration with the sustainable company Gråsten Fjerkræ. Gråsten Fjerkræ is a family run business, which has provided free range chickens since 1987. At Gråsten Fjerkræ they have focus on the environment and sustainability – they has recently invested in green technology with a new advanced smoker,
which reduces both smoke and CO2. 

Kevin Veegan is bound to be a new Cock’s & Cows legend. Our new vegan burger is a colourful mixture of beetroot, chickpeas, green beans and a splash of spicy salsa – “arguably the first vegan superstar to attract the modern media spotlight” Are you going to give Kevin the attention he deserves? 😉



You probably already know your favorite Cock’s & Cows sauce. What you might didn’t know was that we only use free-range eggs to make them.

The Cock’s & Cows Happy Endings! In a collaboration with Hansen’s Flødeis we have made the Caramel Popguns – salted caramel popcorn with dark chocolate and organic Hansen’s ice cream. Or try our organic Banana Popsicles or Raspberry Cheesecake – which Happy Ending is your favorite?



A damn fine cup of coffee! From January 2016 we have entered a co-lab with Gayo Megah Berseri – a Fairtrade & Organic Certified Coffee Cooperative in Northern Indonesia. Not only it means that we can offer you some tasty bean juice, but it also helps the Indonesian farmers towards a better life, health and education. Try it at all of our restaurants or at Spencer.

From Twister Fries to biodiesel! As part of our responsibility strategy we have started a collaboration with Marius Pedersen A/S regarding the recycling of our frying oil. All our leftover oil will now be processed into biodiesel.

This initiative is yet another step to make Cock’s & Cows even more sustainable. We have many more ‘green’ things in store for you in the coming months. Stay tuned on Facebook.

Thanks for your support guys!



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