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We’ve set up shop on the Eastside of town. Newest chip off the block is Cock’s & Cows Østerbro is officially open and it’s the hottest thing since sliced bread!

The third Cock’s & Cows is going to be a cosy, intimate joint, full of great american wine, the best of cocktails, ice cold beers in frozen jugs and last but not least, our famous burgers. Looking forward to showing you!

Cock’s & Cows Østerbro is located on Rosenvængets Allé 6 and our tablebooking is open for business! If you would like to know more, sign up for our newsletter or follow us online at facebook or instagram.

Our restaurant in Gammel Strand is out of commission for a couple of months. So We’re forced to close, as the building needs some old-fashioned love and care.

We are out of office from February 22nd to April 13th

But don’t worry – we’ll be up and running again come April.

Check out our other locations at Hotel SP34 and Østerbro.

We’ve got a brand new courtyard! Or at least it looks brand new. That’s because our dear friends from House Doctor paid us a visit. They redesigned it from the ground up and the result is simply amazing!

With our heating system, it’s warm and toasty even in winter, so give the slideshow a whirl – you won’t be disappointed!


Everyone needs a change sometimes. We’ve tasted and experimented and here’s the result. We’ve let go of some old friends to make way for some new.

So please let us know what you think – we’re dying to know!

We’ve checked in at beautiful Hotel SP34 on Sct. Pedersstræde in the heart of Copenhagen. Along with the location, we’ve added a couple of new items to the menu, an awesome new cocktailbar and an openair terrace! – Come check it out!

Bringing a new Cock’s & Cows to the world wasn’t easy. We’ve torn down, rethought and rebuilt every inch of the place, just so you can feel right at home – in your new home – at SP34.


The menu has been tweaked as well with some new items like happy grass-fed striploin steak and tomato-chili marmalade. So come join us, we got burgers & cocktails!

Drinks on the house, drinks in the house and drinks outside the house. Whether you want to grab a quick drink, enjoy a cocktail with the meal or relax after dinner, we have the cocktail for you. – And of course we’re open for private events !



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