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Burgers & Boating

Sail away with delicious burgers

picnic on the water

We’ve teamed up with Friendships to offer canalside takeaway from Cocks & Cows Gammel Strand!

When you rent one of Friendships’ picnic boats to enjoy a day on the water in the Copenhagen canals you can now order takeaway from Cocks & Cows Gammel Strand – straight from the boat!

Place your order and cruise on to Gammel Strand – right across from Christiansborg.  You’ll be able to stop at the edge of the canal with your boat and send a member of your party up the steps and into the restaurant for collection, before you sail away into the sunset – burgers in hand!

Event Boats

Fancy having a party on the water? Let Friendships and Cocks & Cows set up the event of the season for you! With a Friendships Captain at the helm you and your party of up to 25 people can cruise & booze on the water, take in the gorgeous views and top it all off with delectable sliders for a dreamboat of a dinner.

Let Friendships take your order and have your Captain collect your burgers, cocktails, wine and more by Cocks & Cows on Gammel Strand, so you can sail away in style.

Hop over to Friendships to book your Event Boat by email.

end on a high note

Complete your seaside extravaganza with a night in the Karaoke Room at Cocks & Cows!

When you book one of Friendships’ Event Boats you can have your Captain take you straight to the restaurant on Gammel Strand where you can end your night in style in our fully outfitted karaoke room – complete with its own draft beer tap to keep the good times flowing!

Book it with or without food included – but good times guaranteed. Just remember to let your Captain know what time you’ll be rocking out and Friendships will make sure you’re on time.

where to go

Cocks & Cows on Gammel Strand 34 is just about 25 minutes away by boat from your starting point at Friendships on Trangravsvej 1, Christianshavn.

The restaurant is just 25 meters from the water’s edge – you can’t miss it! Just pop up the stairs and you’ll see the big blue marquees. Imagine stepping out from the elevator at Gammel Strand Metro station and just look to your left.

If you have trouble spotting the restaurant from the water, don’t fret! Look for the building with “WINSLØW” in big brass letters shining in the sun. You’ll find the restaurant just underneath.


All boats – big or small – are booked directly through Friendships:

Email: Info@Friendships.dk

Phone: +45 53 83 78 78

Catering for Event Boats is also booked directly through Friendships.

If you’re booking a smaller boat (max. 8 person) you can order takeaway directly from the boat through a QR code.

Note: You must never abandon your boat when collecting your takeaway! Select one person to disembark and collect your food from the restaurant and let the rest of the group relax in the boat.

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