Cocks & Cows Lyngby
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Mon - Sun: 11:30 - till late
Sun - Fri: 11.30 - 20:30
Sat: 11:30 - 21:30
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Cock’s & Cows – your burger restaurant Lyngby

If you love cocktails and burgers, then Cock's & Cows is the place for you. Our menu offers everything from juicy burgers to well-shaken cocktails and exciting specialty beers.

Cock's & Cows Lyngby is the is the latest addition to the family of restaurants. As usual, we have put together a menu with sustainability, ecology, and quality at the center.

Drop by for a cup of coffee on the stroll down Lyngby Hovedgade. Soothe your nerves with a cocktail or a drink on top of the shopping hardships in Lyngby Storcenter or Magasin. Or throw yourself at your favorite burger from the menu. We keep the music going so you can tilt your feet a little while you wait for your burger or let your taste buds be seduced by an Elke Sommer or another cocktail.

While the staff entices you with our food and drinks menus. We are ready to juggle your wishes - whether you need to satisfy your peckish hunger with one of our snacks or to go all-in with a juicy burger. If you are more into a light salad, of course, we can do it too. But we promise we won't judge if you have extra space in the dessert belly for something sweet. We are your burger restaurant Lyngby - the only thing we have no room for is prejudice about your eating habits.

If you prefer to enjoy our burgers at home, we also offer take away burger in Lyngby.

Cocktail and burger Lyngby at Cock’s & Cows

It may well be that Lyngby is only a 10-minute drive from Copenhagen, but there is not much sad and empty suburb to Lyngby. On the contrary, Lyngby offers energy and a nerve that few suburbs can boast. On Friday and Saturday nights, streets and alleys are buzzing with life and cultural and food-loving people, just as the local venue, the Temple attracts music lovers from near and far.

So, there are plenty of good reasons to hang out in the local area instead of jumping on the S train into the city center - but Cock's & Cows' burgers are probably one of the better ones. As always, you can manage your meat cravings with our 180-gram beef patty made from meat from free-range Danish cows. And the vegetables are always organic and crispy - straight from the Aarstiderne.

We keep the kitchen and not least the bar open to you when you need a burger or when you want to sip a cocktail on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant.

As your local burger restaurant Lyngby, we are ready to welcome you - and we can hardly wait.

Book a table – or drop by

Do you crave a burger in Lyngby? Then book a table and be sure of a seat. But of course, feel free to just drop by, get inspired by the menu, and persuade the bartender to whip up one of our Cock’s & Cows Cocktails, while you wait for your food.

See you in Lyngby.

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