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New Christmas Burgers

Christmas is fast approaching, and we’re excited to bring you a taste of the festivities at Cocks & Cows with our brand-new, limited-time Christmas menu! We proudly present two unique and delicious Christmas burgers: The Duckchess and Harrison Pork.

🦆 The Duckchess: Finally Home for Christmas! 🦆

The Duckchess is back for Christmas, filled with delightful holiday flavors. This mouthwatering gift to your taste buds includes:

  • 🍖 Pulled Duck: Tender duck marinated in warm Christmas spices.
  • 🍑 Apricot Chutney: Sweet and spicy apricot chutney that’ll have your taste buds singing Christmas carols.
  • 🥬 Red Cabbage: Crispy, finely shredded red cabbage tossed in apricot chutney.
  • 🍯 Dijon Mayo: Our homemade Dijon mayo provides a creamy texture with a hint of sharpness.

🐖 Harrison Pork: Making It (Pork)challenging to Choose! 🐖

Harrison Pork is our take on a pork roast sandwich, loaded with delicious ingredients:

  • 🍖 Slices of Neck Fillet: Juicy slices of neck fillet with crispy crackling
  • 🥬 Red Cabbage: Fresh red cabbage that adds a subtle tang and crunch.
  • 🥗 Lettuce: Crisp lettuce that offers a fresh balance to the rich flavors.
  • 🥒 Pickles: Pickled cucumbers that add a sweet and tangy contrast.
  • 🍟 Handmade Potato Chips and our own Christmas gravy served on the side

Both Christmas burgers are available individually, but they are also part of the special Christmas version of our most popular sharing menu: Christmas Treat! This menu offers 2 hours of unlimited food and drinks, including our Christmas burgers, Christmas beer from Anarkist, and an additional special Christmas cocktail ON TOP of the normal Treat Yourself

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